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Daily Gratitudes with Tricia

Good morning and welcome to your Saturday gratitude post. I have talked – to myself – about what to write and decided to go from the heart. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a UK teacher and it is hard. I am in school with a mixed year group class either one or two days a week as well as running a virtual classroom for my class. It is hard. I am tired. But in all of this, I still find those moments of joy. The moment when a child who didn’t want to come in Tuesday, appeared in bouncing and excited on Wednesday. The moment a girl in my class finally made contact on google classroom. The excitement when we found 2 fish in our pond at school when we thought they hadn’t survived! 
These moments, however small, make up our gratitudes for today. And science has proved that finding these gratitudes for just 21 days rewires our brains. Try it – just 3 a day for the next 21 days – and share in joy of other people’s gratitudes too. I look forward to reading and sharing in what you discover 💜

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