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Daily Gratitudes with Penny

Hello everyone in this amazing group. Welcome to the 335th day of the gratitude shallonge. 
Science stuff first! 21 days of noteing 3 things you are grateful for will rewire your brain. Look it up! It works!
Today I want to recognise just how many of us are not posting gratitudes on our toughest days. I am just as guilty of this but recently I’ve noticed that lots of us are doing it. We own it when we come back but really those are the days we need this shallonge the most. I have an idea!
Do you all know the 5 senses grounding techniques? I know it is something we use to help my teen ground herself. Have you tried it on yourself? I hadn’t until today but it really helped me before I started writing this🤪🤪🤪
5 things you can see 👀
4 things you can hear👂
3 things you can touch 🖐
2 things you can smell 👃or smells you love
1 thing you can taste or can recall. 👅
A little self care to help us with these challenging days. 
Today before you do your gratitudes and as my hubby is out of hospital I will find the way to tag people, please take 2 minutes to ground yourself. I give you permission to take a little time for you!
I wish you all the best possible day. 
Hugs and love to all.

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