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Daily Gratitudes with Andrea

Hello and Welcome to June 26th 2019 and day 329 of our fabulous Gratitude posts 👋👋👋👋😘

Thank you Suzanne😘 for trusting me to take the helm for today! Cant promise words of wisdom like you do, but here goes. ❤

Ok, the “official” bit first! ⚠️
21 days of acknowledging the things in life no matter how small can help rewire your brain and help us to change, how we see the world around us and hopefully the way we think! 🤔
So share with us as many Gratitudes as you want and if that’s a bit much do for you today, have you a simple pleasure that gets you through? Or even a guilty pleasure or indulgence! Go on be a devil and share something with us. 🥂🍔🍕🍦🍩🍰🧁🍫🍹🍻🥃⚽️⛸🧸🧩🎲🖼🎭🎨🧶🧵🚗🛵🌟🎤🎵🎸🎷🎺📺📷📚📖🔭🚬🏁

Deep Breath, here goes…..

When Elizabeth was 3 yrs old, my ex husband took a job on the inter isle ferries in Shetland.(Hes a merchant naval officer and wanted to be home! The job seemed perfect!) The decision to leave my parents and the town I’d grown up in was heart breakingly hard, but our marriage was in trouble and it seemed, to me a way to save it! (Stupid right?)🤯

So we left Cleveland and travelled 🚘🚚 9 hours to Aberdeen to start our adventure…
We were based on a small isle called Whalsay. Shetland is a 12 hour Ferry journey ⛴from Aberdeen (I wouldnt recommend you make the trip when the weathers choppy! 🤢) When you arrive in Sheltand you arrive in the capital Lerwick.
From Lerwick, we had a 1/2 hour car journey to the ferries where the ex worked. And our little isle was 1/2 hour on the ferry 🛥. At this point I’m roughly 24 hours away, from my family and everything I knew. I was a home bird, leaving my folks was horrific!
I can still remember the “What the %$#@, am I doing here” feeling, as we pulled up at our new house!
🤯 Was I crazy or brave?
My marriage is in trouble, I have no family or friends here, theres no mobile signal, were waiting for a phone line and my closest neighbours are sheep! 🐑
I didn’t think I’d cope. I cried more in 24 hours, than I’d done for a long time!😭😭 What had I done? Fear and panic gripped me.

I had done something that nobody thought I’d do! I’d moved away and that move changed me. I was braver with that decision than I’d ever been up until that point! 😊

We ended up spending 2 1/2 wonderful years on Whalsay! Well Elizabeth and I did! 👩👧(My ex, HATED it! And mostly everyone on isle too, the feeling was mutual I later found out!) He left the ferry after only 7 months and took a job on the rigs, working away for 6 weeks at a time and home for 4 weeks!!)

It created a strong bond between Elizabeth and me, it created a connection that we still share (most of the time!).
It also gave me a strength, I didnt realise I had. 😁

It’s good for me to remember the things I did by myself, how I coped alone. Of how strong I actually became, when I feel weak and unable to make it through a day! 🤪😵

Elizabeth and me, explored in the good weather☀️, we watched the waves crash on our beach in the bad🌊, we experienced horizontal rain 🌧, saw some amazing thunder and lightening storms ⛈🌩and drove in 120 mile an hour winds🌪🌬 (Not something I’d recommend), snow in Shetland is a completely indescribable phenomenon!! ❄❄☃️ But all of that was mother nature at her best! 🌍

We made some amazing friends, 👭🧒👦👧🧑we were adopted by the owners of the croft we lived on👴👵.
We saw sheep deliver lambs 🐑, rabbits laying in our garden 🐰, gulls then size of eagles flying above our house🦅. We heard otters and saw them, we saw seals, dolphins🐬 and Killer Whales🐳
And we saw and heard the Northern Lights🌌.

I still smile at these memories.😊 They hold a special place in my heart.❤ We had a spot we used to walk to🚶‍♀️. It was over the fields and out towards the cliff edge🏞. We used to take some snacks and watch the fishing boats bobbing on the sea.🛳 Playing games and making up stories. Gratitudes and SPs would have been simple during those days 💜.

But its memories like those I go to, when Elizabeth struggles. I remind her of the bad weather day activities and the fun we used to have. 🎨🧩🧸🏓🍪🍰
It’s amazing how a cardboard box and some craft things can become, a castle, a train, a post box! How we made shadow paintings, baked cakes and cookies, played games, made pasta necklaces and so many different activities.

Memories have played a key part in helping Elizabeth deal with her MH and if I’m honest with mine too. She actually said it’s her go to place, when I asked her!

I was trying to think the other day of recent good memories and drew a blank mostly, theres been lots of dark days. Not a lot of days out or adventures.

But then I started thinking a bit harder, we share a love of the Movies and TV series and criminal documentaries of Music and of books. We can laugh at silly things together. We can sing along to ABBA in the car. And it changed how I thought about things.

Little things make a difference.

We all experience the dark days. We all have those days when we could burst with anger, frustration and despair. 🤬🥵😱
My challenge to you is remember 🤔, remember and smile 😊 at what you had, what you have and hopefully what you will have again…❤ Smile (even a pretend one) because you can!

If youve got this far, through my ramblings, huge well done👏👏👏 and Thank you ❤.

If you fancy, go on share with us a memory from days gone by, a memory that makes you smile or a song you sing or movie you watch. 🤔☺️ I hope its not too hard a request! 🥰

Hope you like some of my Sheltand memories and the pictures that goes with them….
Wishing you all have a good peaceful Wednesday…
Love and sunshine to you all, my fabulous behind the screen friends ❤☀❤☀❤☀❤☀❤☀❤☀❤☀

**Thought I’d add. Within 18 months of returning to mainland UK, I’d divorced my husband and we were living a happy life just the kids and me. I did keep in touch with my friends, but life is massively different away from Shetland and I began to see how different life was. I’d regularly get told, my life could be a soap opera during our phone calls! It made me very conscious of things. And when life got more out of control, they struggled as did I! That said, I’ve been told I’m welcome back whenever I want to go and stay!
Our adopted grandparents both passed away and their house has been sold, the Croft is  now owned by a different family.
Life was fabulous on Shetland. It is an amazing place. But it a completely different way and pace of life. But with young children for me, for a short period of time, it was perfect!

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