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Daily Gratitude with Suzanne

Gooooood morning, gratitudents!
How are you today? I hope this finds you full of Sunday peace.
As you may know, this is our gratitude post. Why are we grateful when life is so challenging? Well, why not?
Being grateful isn’t something that has to come with confetti and balloons, it can be a quiet response that we muster in between the chaos as a way to find the comfort and calm we may long for.
Try it today and see how you feel after 21 days – researchers have found that it reduces our blood pressure and helps us sleep better and even eat less. Share yours in the comments along with anything that makes you smile or helps you feel better.
Once again, I’m thanking you for your patience as I am here and not here. I’m listening to my body and mind ( not my mind too much, that is a dangerous place to be! 😆) and creating space where I need it. I know I need this because I’ve woken up and don’t have fingernails on one hand! Luckily I can’t remember whatever dream determined that behaviour. Oh well, they’ll grow back 🙈
As we hurtle towards September, a month I’ve always seen as my personal new year and reboot, it feels like we’re all moving into a new phase. Lockdown has changed so much – things we can see, things we can feel, things we can only sense – and it feels appropriate to acknowledge that. I know I often need to package up feelings, emotions and experiences so I can move forward.
And while I could spend hours ruminating on why I feel like this, I know I have to act. I can’t think my way out of my overwhelm and funk, I have to DO. And while I do, the answers will come. So I have a day of DO ahead. Some of the Do will be self care, some to set me up for a busy week ahead, but the answers and the acceptance will become clear and less difficult.
I’ve always loved the power of a great question.
When it’s something you’re not expecting or prepared for, it can unlock secrets you don’t realise exist, yield the most insightful information or kick off meaningful reflection or change.
So today, instead of some long, laborious ramble, I’m asking you the same questions I’m asking myself today? They might not be brilliant questions, but they’re the ones that I feel I need to answer today.
Q: What do you need today to feel at peace with yourself?
A: Time with Iss to plan her return to uni, a swim, a roast dinner en famille, a clean house, prep for a busy week ahead, time to read, time to think, 48 hours 😆
Q: What is really making you all scratchy? And it’s not Granny’s knitting kind of scratchy I mean! If you’re not scratchy, what’s making you happy, elated, hopeful, tired, weary, whatever your primary feeling is today?
A: Changing dynamics. Growth. New experiences. Uncertainty. Wondering if I’m doing the right thing. (And now I’ve written them down, I feel better.)
Q: When are you at your best?
A: Unsure but I’ll reflect today.
Q: What can you be grateful for? Always a good question!
A: I’ll answer later!
How about you? What are your answers today? They may help when we set our intentions for the coming week tomorrow.
Look forward to reading your gratitudes and answers to these questions, or whatever questions you’re asking yourself today.

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