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Daily Gratitude with Suzanne

Good morning! Wednesday already, you say? I’m with you…this earth is spinning way too quickly around the sun!
This is our Gratitude post – a place for you to come and breathe, to consider the good in your life, and to connect with others.
Share 3 or more on this post and start your own Gratitude transformation. And if you feel you’re in need of an SOS pop a sunflower in the comments.
I had to nip out to the cashpoint this morning and heard on the radio that it’s International Dog Day today. So to keep it brief, please share your pics and stories of the impacts pets have had on you and your child. I think they’ve got magical powers to know when we’re in need. Don’t you?
We had a dog for a couple of weeks ( not a typo!) after Issy came out of hospital. I’ll never forget coming into the living room to hear my husband say, ‘you can have any dog you like…’ without discussing with me 😳
Pixel, the white german shepherd, came for a fortnight’s stay in December 2015. Due to Issy feeling under huge obligation to take care of her, and her and the cats not coming downstairs or eating for several days, Pixel headed back to the breeders who were delighted to have her home! We are still in touch, and Pixel has been renamed Pixie and has had 2 litters of pups since.
We’ve had 2 cats since Issy was about 7 and I’ve written about Daisy in the past who was Issy’s constant companion and friend during her illness. We lost Daisy in 2017, 2 weeks after Issy started college after 2 years out of school. Issy says she kept going until she knew she was a ok. One special cat. ( But at the time, the timing felt so off!)
Daisy had it rough.
Part of a feral litter, she had cat flu as a kitten and lost complete sight in one eye and partial sight in the other. But Daisy didn’t get the doom and gloom memo.
Daisy hunted and played and slept and ate and loved as if she had 20/20 vision. The only certainty in Daisy’s life was that she was going to do exactly what she wanted. A happier cat there could not have been. She gained superpowers to balance her lack of sight, and she sought out the sliver of sunlight and bathed in it, metaphorically and literally.
When I think of Daisy, I think of us all.
Daisy didn’t sit and wonder why she’d only got partial use of one eye.
Daisy got on with living the life she wanted for herself, ridding the fields around our house of mice and other animals, sleeping on Issy’s bed, being greedy and happy and loved.
Daisy adjusted to the new normal, and didn’t worry about what she was potentially missing. She didn’t consider there was another life better than hers.
Coming to terms with living a life you didn’t expect is really darn hard. I have been guilty of serious overthinkage, and you know, it doesn’t help anyone, least of all the person I was trying to do the right thing for.
We are naturally truth seekers and fixers, trying to find out why, so we can change the outcome. But it doesn’t always serve us or the people we are doing it for.
Could you put down the expectation that finding out why or how or when or what or any combination of the above will help?
Today, I’d like you to consider being more Daisy.
Forget all you don’t have and live the life you do have.
Do things your way. (Yes, all day Netflix binges are wholly acceptable and even de rigeur at times!)
Accept what you have, and make the very most of it.
I love the connections I have and I see in this community. They wouldn’t happen without difficult times. They wouldn’t have happened if I’d not stuck my head in the sand when Issy first got ill and pretended it wasn’t happening. They are special and to be celebrated.
Consider what good can come out of this extraordinary life?
Be more YOU. Forget what you should be doing today and do what you need to do, to fill yourself up, to get through.
Forget expectations and rules and what people think.
And greet whatever day you face with a smile.
That smile is your only certainty this week.
Have a wonderful Wednesday. I’m off to do something I didn’t think was possible in 2016, 2017, or 2018 – uni shopping this afternoon with Issy! See you in the comments later and send cute dog and pet pics please!

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