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Daily Gratitude with Suzanne

Good morning, and hello Friday!
As Maya Angelou said, “What a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.”
And to be honest, I didn’t think I would see this day either. Issy and I are off to the spa for the day. It’s like our holiday, and we’re rinsing every last drop of goodness from it by getting there when it opens!
I wish I could scoop you all up and bring you with me, but geography and circumstance would get in our way.
Instead, I’m inviting you to Suze’s Viirtual Spa for the Soul! It’s absolutely free and you’re moments from bliss – if you allow yourself to be.
Wherever you find yourself today – in a psychiatrist’s waiting room or on Zoom speaking to them, at work wishing you were at home, at home wishing you were at work, I’ve got a few suggestions for ways to nurture your soul.
They have a questionnaire at the spa when you go in ( online now, thanks to covid) and it asks if you have any issues or things they should be aware of.
Let’s start by leaving all the things you’re carrying here, so you can be free to embrace today on your terms.
What should people know about you and how you’re feeling?
What would you like others to know about what you’re going through?
What do you need to get out, let go of, or take off today?
Feel free to use this space as a safe space to leave those feelings and thoughts.
Now, let’s begin with Gratitude – I know, I know, you expected a green juice and a ginger shot – but if we’re not grateful for what we have, how can we ever expect to be happy? Helen C. and I had a chat about a lack of water in yesterday’s grass and it reminded me of being homeless when I was 19. That experience means I never take my bed for granted, or my house, my bathroom, or the ability to put the heating on.
What would you miss if you didn’t have it? Share that in the grats today and start your move towards a more contented you. Yes, the fireworks will still go off and the walls will still appear to crumble, but by being grateful you’ll be more able to say that this will pass.
Next up – nurture – what do you need today?
Consider the ways you need to be nurtured. Do you know your needs? Do you need space, to be heard, to be hugged? Can you identify one thing you need and make a step towards having it?
We are here to listen to you, if that’s what you need. Take yourself off to the bathroom and have a long soak if you’re craving space. Or give yourself a hug if you’re in need of a cuddle. It actually works the same as if someone else did it for you. And you don’t wriggle or let go too soon! 😉
Nature is next – getting outside and seeing that the world continues to turn whatever chaos you’re battling is a sweet reminder that this may be your present, but it won’t be your future. There are imperceptible changes happening all around us. For example, in a week, my plum tree has gone from laden with fruit to almost bare. If I’d expected it to carry on producing, I’d be disappointed. As it is, this is another part of its cycle I can thank and be grateful for.
What can you see in your world that brings you joy and makes you feel connected?
And finally, how can you treat yourself today – what small but meaningful thing can you do today that will bring you joy? I intend to read for 3 straight hours today, and leave my phone in the locker. I intend to talk to Issy – such a treat – but not about the impacts of trauma which seems to be our go to topic of choice when we head out – fascinating subject! But just about stuff. Light stuff. Dare I say, ‘normal’ stuff? That’s a treat.
How about you? How can you treat yourself today? Mini hand treatment after you wash up? Treat yourself! Bit of online aisle browsing? Treat yourself! Saying no to cooking and ordering take out? Treat yourself! Kitchen disco? Treat yourself! 😆 3 Hours reading or watching Netflix? Treat yourself! And if you’re working today – how can you build a day fit for your needs this weekend?
Can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts and grats for today. I may see you later in the day, but I’ll be back tonight, hopefully wonderfully calm and serene! We can hope!
Have a fabulous Friday. Lots of love xxx

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