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Daily Gratitude with Suzanne

Morning, morning!
Sunday, Funday? Or maybe it’s Sunday, Snooze day, a forget the world day, or just another 24 hours not delineated by what day of the week it is and all the expectations that brings.
Whichever it is, welcome to it. A fresh 24 hours of possibility.
This is our Gratitude post and we’ve convened around it since 2018 as a way to rewire our brain’s perception of the challenges we face.
Being grateful for 21 days rewrites the neural pathways and before you know it, you’re coping a little better, finding life a little easier, and seeing the good, as well as the not so good.
Join us today – share 3 things you’re grateful for and if it’s your first time, introduce yourself.
Before you know it, you’ll be chatting to people every day and the world will feel a little smaller and your optimism will feel a little more sparkly.
Tell us about the things that bring you sparks of joy – we call them Simple Pleasures – or memories that you’re reminded of – we call them Magic Moments. They all help to build up the tapestry of hope that we can wrap ourselves in as we venture forth to times and challenges unknown.
Ross and I went out last night and on the way back, as he was glued to some random sports commentary on the radio, I allowed my thoughts to drift as the whoosh of scenery passed by the car window.
As we stopped at the traffic lights, the question “who decided?” popped into my head. It started with “who decided that amber was the correct colour after red, and why does it still mean stop, not the get set I naturally revert to?!”
Answer: William L. Potts
And in the US, they choose amber as it was different from red and green. Read more here.
And that was just the start…
Who decided that dogs would make good domestic pets? Read more here.
Who decided that women with big bottoms were made to feel less attractive? Interesting thoughts here 
Who decided that fish went with chips? Joseph Malin…who knew?
And it got me thinking…
Who decided that you must act or speak a certain way to fit in?
Who decided the metrics of ‘success’ in our world?
Who decided that school is the best place for your child?
Who decided that the way you live your life is ‘un-normal’?
Who decided that poor mental health was a sign of weakness and not supreme sensitivity and creativity?
Who decided that it was probably the parents fault too? 🙄
I could go on, but I won’t. All of the expectations, the assumptions, and the guilt and blame we carry as parents comes from someone else’s view of what is right. Someone else decided.
If Issy’s illness has given me anything, it’s permission to decide for myself.
2 years out of school lying in bed and playing video games? An abject failure in traditional parenting terms, but exactly what she needed to know herself better and be in a place where she could move forward. The bags of pots and bedding cluttering my dining room, ready for uni on Tuesday, show it was the right decision.
Running towards adversity when most people would want to forget this experience has given me and you a place to be heard and seen, somewhere to belong. Another good decision to listen to my heart and decide to support other parents like me, when my head (and my husband at times) said why does it have to be you? And what about the business, family, home that already consumes your time?
We spoke yesterday about other people’s views of you and your choices.
Today’s it’s all about you.
Who decided that you could or couldn’t do something? Who decides how you approach today? Who decides what is right for you and your family?
It’s you. You have the power to decide the important things. Not the rules about general success, but the wins in your world that happen every day. The ones that lead to connection and peace.
So, whatever you need to decide today to give yourself that peace and connection, I hope you do it with delight and confidence. It doesn’t have to be right, it just has to be your choice.
If you need it, here’s a whole heap of permission for you to use. And tell us! We’ll be delighted to read how you’re stepping into your right to do what is right for you and your family.
Have a good day on your terms. I’ll see you in the comments later.

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