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Daily Gratitude with Suzanne

Good morning! What a stunner of a day I’ve woken to! Blue skies, birds tweeting, and a light that is highlighting all that is good about nature.
I’ve just found out that today is Digital Detox Day – one day where we’re encouraged to come off our devices and spend the day doing something else.
I’m off to see Issy today and will be hotfooting it up the motorway soon with all the things we forgot to take and for a day of shopping and chatting.
I know that this space – and others ( apparently they exist! 😉 ) bring connection and safety at a time when you can feel anything but that, so I’m not suggesting you aren’t here today. More that you find some time to put your phone away and engage in something that takes you elsewhere.
Stepping into nature is always a good thing to do; the scale, beauty and-ace of change remind us that there are things we’re not in control of. We’re not responsible for everything in the world, even if it feels like we are.
Maybe immersing yourself in a good book or a film will give you the space to connect with yourself and your family. Or perhaps you could make something – test a new recipe, a craft you’ve not tried or do some doodling or drawing. The object of the exercise is release, not perfection, so enjoy the process and if the result is good too, that’s great. And if it’s not, that’s ok too. That’s not the point.
How about some organising? Do you have a drawer like I do that goes in cycles of tidy to chaotic? A cupboard overfilled or a wardrobe in need of a clear out? If you’ve got the time to have a go at it today, why not have your own Home Makeover: Gratitude Edition and clear it all out.
Finally, how about making your own self care kit today – grab a bag or a box, and pop things in there that make you feel good. It could be anything from a fruit-scented hand cream, an eye mask or a book of puzzles. It could be reminders written on slips of paper to get outside, call a friend or have a sleep.
Whatever you do today, I’d love to see and get a little look through the window of your world. So please share a pic of what you get up to today.
And share your gratitudes too please! 1, 2, 3 or more… whatever you can muster! And if you’re struggling, send a 🌻 and we’ll wrap you in hugs.
Tomorrow is my last gratitude post for a bit, and I’ll be back with a proper ramble to set you thinking! Until then, have a marvellous day and know that Digital Detox or not, we’re here for you.

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