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Daily Gratitude with Vicky

**Gratitude volunteer post for Tuesday 8th September 2020**

It’s my 1st time doing the grats post, I’m in total admiration of Suzanne as I don’t know how she manages to do this day in, day out…

After reading a post on ‘Knee deep in life’ last week I was reminded that we need to forgive ourselves, be kind to ourselves and cut ourselves some slack. If you havent seen Laura’s blog or FB page, look it up, shes funny, frank and real but be warned there is a certain amount of swearing.

Our lives dealing with MH whether it be in ourselves, partners, families or children may not look like other peoples lives but so what…? We don’t need to conform to everyone elses idea of normal, we are all unique with different problems, values and skills. We don’t need to be like everyone else, we can march to the beat of our own drum, celebrate our own and our families uniqueness no matter what it looks like. Be free.

Everyone on social media has this atificially polished, filtered image of perfection, like we are part of some huge ad campaign. Everyone has pressure and hardship but some are more honest about the hardships being experienced. For example on my fb page I don’t post filtered shiny images of a perfect family life, however, there is little sign that we are a family with MH issues. We are suffering from chronic depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, SH etc or that I am disabled, in constant pain and sometimes unable to function. The reason I don’t share this is not because I am choosing to show the perfect image of our family, more that our struggles are private and sometimes too painful to share. I do wonder how many other people on our usual fb feed also feel like this.. ? Be kind to yourself, social media is not real life, its often just a series of superficial images and bares no relation to reality.

Thankfully Suzanne created this safe space where we can all share and celebrate our triumphs or comfort and console each other when things aren’t going as well as we’d hoped. Being kind, being supportive, being grateful for our successes whether they are big, like our children being able to live independantly or small, like 5 mins to drink a coffee while the house is quiet. Celebrate it, be empowered by the strength you have for living your life and don’t let anyone negate your achievements.

In the words of Laura from Knee Deep In Life…
“If someone doesn’t like your reality they don’t get to live it so quite frankly it isn’t their fucking problem unless they’re willing to help you find your happiness. Don’t surround yourself with the things that make you doubt who you actually are. You don’t need to make excuses for you, be proud of it because there is only ever going to be one version of you.”

You are strong, surviving all you have; be caring and kind to others but especially to yourself. Try getting the postitivity vibes going by starting to recognise things you are grateful for each day. 3 things no matter how big or small starts the process of remapping your brain. Continue every day and after just 21 days you will start to see a difference in how you feel; hopefully you will start to be more positive, more optimistic, things will start to seem more bareable. If gratitudes feels like too much of a reach at the moment try Simple Pleasures (SPs), they are the things that keep you going when you are at your lowest, hugs, coffee, chocolate, hotwater bottles, bird song frequently appear on mine.

By doing our gratitudes challenge not only are you remapping your brain to be more positive you are also building up a new support network. So if things just feel a bit too much today put a 🌻 in the comments and we will be there to support you.

Have a great day x

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