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Daily Gratitude with Penny

What have you got to lose? That is my question to you today?10 minutes, 21 days, 3 gratitudes. 

Good morning everyone! It is my turn to write the gratitude post.
So that is my question to you today! Can you take 10 minutes every day for the next 21 days, perhaps with your first brew of the day, before the chaos begins and find 3 things to be grateful for? 

My 3 this morning, as I sit with my cup of tea, in my mug from Joanne are:-1. My garden looking pretty with the winter bedding I planted.2. My washing is out on the line drying.3. I have hair dye in the bathroom ready to colour my grey today! It has been getting me down so that is my job today!

There is real science to show that doing gratitudes for 21 days will rewire your brain. It won’t change what is going on in your life but it will change your perspective and how you feel about things.

If gratitudes are too hard today, what about simple pleasures? My cup of tea, the dog keeping me company and my Tesco order scheduled for this afternoon are mine.

If all of this is just too much pop a 🌻 in the comments. We will surround you with love, hugs and if you talk to us we will do what we can to help.

How do I know this works?

I have been doing my gratitudes from the start! I wasn’t always consistent but found that on the days I took part, the days were more manageable. About 6 months in I decided to commit to doing them every day. This last 18 months have been hard. My husband’s health deteriorated and at Christmas he died, my 2nd daughter and her family moved in, fell out with me, moved out and cut me out of their lives, at Easter my brother died and we’ve had a pandemic! Did I mention that I have a teen with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and self harms?Finding things to be grateful for has got me through some very hard days.

So, today I’m asking you, what do you have to lose?

10 minutes, 21 days, 3 gratitudes! Give it a go! Xxx

Penny X

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