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J’s Story

As part of our 20K in April challenge, we’re sharing stories, with permission, from our community every day from 13th to 30th April. All are true accounts of the reality of a random group of parents in our community. Some are professionals, others full time carers. Some have been battling for years, others are new to this dance of accessing services, navigating school, coping with shame, guilt and judgment, and keeping their child alive while trying to work, look after their other children, have a relationship, have a life. All of them deserve, like their children, to be heard and helped. 

Parenting a child with mental health issues is so isolating , for a long time I put my head in the sand about what was actually going on . My husband had already suffered mental ill health for 23 yrs of our 25yr marriage , so I just felt couldn’t face up to it with another family member. I was exhausted,numb & in denial .Eventually , my daughter asked to go to the GP and the roller coaster of self harm , a suicide attempt medication & therapy began.
I found PMH after about a year of my girl being ill . I immediately felt understood , supported &  I quickly made friends through our shared experiences. PMH is definitely is a huge part of my life , there are so many opportunities to learn & grow as a parent , I am so thankful for everything they do to make it a safe supported space . My daughter is doing so well now , she’s in resilient recovery ,  I attribute this recovery to  Partnering ( which I learned in the group ) & the groups encouragement of self care and personal growth . I now volunteer for PMH as an admin and want to give back to this amazing community.

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