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Get Moving for PMH in 5KMay!

Make May the month you move more, with PMH!

The creators of the viral ‘Lockdown 5k’ that raised millions for charity last year are back with the 5KMay challenge and Parenting Mental Health is taking part! 

The challenge – where you move 5k, donate £5 and nominate 5 friends via social media – will help us to raise funds to support more parents and raise our profile with parents in need – and give you a little challenge to move a little more in May. ‘

You're in? Great! So, how do you get started?

1) Participate

The first thing to do is to move 5k your way – run, walk, dance, swim, shimmy or skip! However you want to cover 5k is up to you. Whether you’re an avid runner using this as a chance for a PB, someone who wants a 5k target to remain motivated, or you simply want a reason to get your trainers, goggles or dancing shoes on – this is the perfect way to begin! And don’t forget – all 5ks are equal – however you do it, as fast as Usain Bolt or by moving 166m a day every day in May, you’re a winner!

2) Donate

So you’ve smashed your 5k and it’s now time to donate your £5 to Parenting Mental Health through this link. We are so grateful for every penny donated, and want you to know that your donation will make an active difference to a family whose life has been impacted on by mental illness. We – and they – thank you! 

3) Nominate

Once you’ve donated, it’s time to enlist 5 of your family and friends to do the same! You can nominate on Social Media by posting a picture of you holding up your hand and tagging your nominees on each finger –  and to help raise the profile of PMH, we’d love you to write PMH on your palm. (Or if you’re really creative, maybe even draw our logo?) Please make sure to tag us on all social channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #PMH5K so we can see your progress and celebrate your wins! Raising awareness of PMH is absolutely essential and this is a great way of doing that. You don’t need to mention why PMH is important to you – we’re just a charity you’re supporting – and we are incredibly grateful! 

And there's more!
Extra Rewards for taking part in 5KMay for PMH!

Digital Discounts on Major Brands

The organisers of the 5KMay challenge, Run For Heroes, have got some great discounts from some amazing brands that you’ll have access to by taking part in the challenge. When you donate, you’ll get a link to access all of the offers. Here are just a few of the brands included. 

Hello Fresh: 50% Off
Zipcar: 15% off driving credit
Fit: Free 24 hour pass
Runners Need: 15% off
Route 40: £5 off running socks
Dishoom: £5 off
Class Pass: 2 weeks free

PMH Goodies Giveaway!

We are so grateful to you for participating, donating and nominating – every person taking part is playing a huge role in helping us to raise the profile of PMH and support more parents. To show our appreciation, we are giving away some of our new PMH swag to 5 lucky participants! 

To be in the draw, please make sure you: 

1) Tag PMH on social media when you complete, donate, and nominate your friends & family. 

2) For non community members, send us their names so that we can enter them as well. 

Good luck! 

Let's get moving in May for PMH!

Participate. Donate. Nominate. 

Want to donate but can't complete the 5KMay?

 You can still donate to the Parenting Mental Health charity by clicking the button below. Thank you!