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Thank you for buying Never Let Go.

This page includes the resources mentioned in the book. Keep checking back as we add special announcements, exclusive videos with Suzanne and details of online events. 

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Letters to the doctor

We’re sharing these letters not because they’re perfect, but because they will give you an idea of how to begin to share your concerns. Writing a letter to your doctor can be the beginning of acknowledging what is really going on. And we know it’s hard – but it will ultimately help you and your child get the help you need. 

Don’t forget – the PMH community is here to support you.


All about Gaming 

Ever wondered what your child gets from gaming? Want to understand their motivations and the reasons why Fortnite, CoD or Animal Crossing consume so many hours in their day? This audio file from a Facebook Live of Suzanne and Issy discussing gaming may give you some insight! 

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Join us in the free ‘Never Let Go’ Book Club group! 


Would you like to connect with others reading the book and discuss your thoughts and challenges? Then join our free Facebook group where we’ll run a monthly read along with Suzanne reading from the book and Live Q&As where you can ask questions, share your reflections on your experiences and connect with others in similar positions.



Self Care 

Struggling to understand why you should take care of yourself? Looking for ways to get started? In this audio clip taken from a Facebook Live on self care, Suzanne shares why it is so important and the different ways you can begin to practice it. Before you listen, ask yourself how many marks out of 10 you’d give yourself for self care, and don’t forget to share in the Book Club Facebook Group