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Welcome to Creative Connections!

PMH Creative Connections is an 8 week, free program of creative sessions run in association with Creative Counsellors. Each session is run by a qualified counsellor and designed to give you some committed time for yourself each week and help you express and process your emotions.

We will aim to use basic art supplies in each session, but here are a few suggestions from Tanja Sharpe, Founder of Creative Counsellors and things she likes to work with. If you’re buying from Amazon, please consider making Parenting Mental Health your Smile charity at – it doesn’t cost you anything but we get a small donation from Amazon for everything you buy. 

Watercolour pencils | Uni Pin Fineliners | Sharpie | Acrylic Paint Pens | Acrylic Paints | Pencils | Paint Brushes | Paint sponges | A3 Sketchbook | Art Tape |

Introduction to the
PMH Creative Connections Program

Welcome to this launch video with Suzanne Alderson, Founder of Parenting Mental Health, and Tanja Sharpe, Founder and director of Creative Counsellors. 

In this session, we’ll cover more about why creativity is so powerful in emotional wellbeing, how we are ALL creative and the importance of setting intentions. 

Launch Activity - Setting Intentions

Setting your intentions for the next 8 weeks is a powerful way to appreciate where you are and set your course for where you want to go. For this session, you’ll need a pad or some paper, a pen or pencils and some colouring pencils or felt tip pens. Glitter glue is optional! 😉 

If you’d like to share your creations on your social media or in our group, then please tag us and use the hashtag #PMHCreativeConnections 

Photo Painting - Connecting with what grounds you.

 You’ll need: A photo that brings you hope, calm or any uplifting emotion, Paper, Watercolours/acrylics/colouring pencils or pens, A black marker pen or waterproof fine liner, anything you might be inspired by – quotes or pictures, collected items like leaves or feathers, glitter, gold leaf or gems.

Messages to Myself - A Self-Compassion Collage

You’ll need: A photo of you that you can stick to your collage ( a printed one works great too), Card/paper base, Magazines/comics/newspapers to cut up backgrounds, images, quotes – you can also print these off if you don’t have access to these, Patterned papers for backgrounds & layers ( you can print different patterns too if you prefer), Glue, Scissors, Coloured pens/markers, any added extras that you like to jazz things up – go wild with your craft supplies! 

Distraction Action!

You’ll need: Paper, Watercolour paints, Paintbrushes, A black waterproof marker, and any other sparkly things you’d like to add to it.  

If you don’t have watercolour paints, don’t worry – that’s just what she’ll be using. Watercolour pens, acrylic paints or any form of colouring pencil is fine!

Calm & Connected

You’ll need: Any backing that you like: A3 Card, pin board, canvas, paper or even on your laptop if you prefer to create some digital art. Different colour, patterned papers relating to your colour ( these can be from magazines, printed out at home, or bought craft supplies.) Magazines, quotes, images, photos or anything else you want to add Glue Scissors Buttons, stones, crystals, glitter or anything else that you are drawn to working with.

Creative Connections Session #7

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