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Parenting Mental Health Guides

We’ve created a number of guides for parents based on questions we’re asked time and again. Developed in association with a qualified counsellor, these are designed to help you understand how your child may feel, how other parents feel ( so you don’t feel as alone or that you’re in some way ‘wrong’) and include tips to help connect and support your child. Click on the buttons below to access and download the guides. 

My child is addicted to their phone, what can I do?

My child won't wash or brush their teeth, what can I do?

No one will listen to how bad my child's mental health is, what can I do?

My Child can't go to school, what can I do?

My child is really anxious, how can I help them?

When does an eating issue become an eating disorder?

I think my child is depressed, What do I do?

My child isn’t sleeping, what do I do?

I’m struggling due to my child’s mental health. What do I do?

My well child is struggling because of their sibling's poor mental health issues

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