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Parenting Mental Health is a registered charity  

Our mission is to end generational mental illness. We support parents of young people with mental health issues in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. We offer support, training and connection with other parents going through similar situations. And, possibly most importantly, we offer you hope and a reminder that you are not alone.

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Online Courses

If you’re looking for more information on how you can support your child through their mental health challenges, our online courses may be for you. From the 6 week Partnering course, that explores the compassionate behavioural change methodology Suzanne Alderson developed when her daughter was ill, to courses on self care, confidence and being assertive and mini-courses on elements of Partnering, we aim to give you all the tools you need, from the comfort of your own home. 

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Facebook Community 

Our closed Facebook community offers you a safe, non-judgmental space to explore your feelings about your child’s mental health, ask questions and learn from parents who are going through or have been through their child’s mental health issues, and connect with likeminded parents who get it! You’ll be asked some questions when you ask to join – we’re not being nosey! We’re just passionate about keeping the community just for parents. 

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The power of Lived Experience should not be underestimated. When we’re supporting a child with mental health, sometimes the only person who really gets it is someone who has been through a similar experience. Peer Mentorship is a key part of our efforts to support parents. Join the Facebook community and join our Mentorship Program, or apply for one of the Listening Circles we run, led by qualified counsellors. 

Never Let Go by Suzanne Alderson Book on table

Never Let Go is now published!

The first book from Parenting Mental Health founder Suzanne Alderson is now available. In it, she shares her story of how she helped ‘partner, not parent’ her daughter through mental illness.

Looking for help for your child?

We're here to help you, but we understand you may need extra support for your child. Here are some organisations and online services that work to support young people.

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I can turn to the PMH group and Suzanne and know with 100% confidence that i will not be judged. I will be listened too, given advice from parents that empathise, there is no other group that I belong too that is judgement free like it is here.

I.K - America

The Partnering course and Suzanne’e approach has been transformational for me.

V.W. - United Kingdom

I have had a few chances to speak with Suzanne and was impressed every time how she handled it. When a bunch of desperate, scared, sometimes broken people throw up their pain and fears, this is pretty hard rot manage. But she does. She is a serious professional as well as an experienced parent who dealt with severe MH issues in her own family.

N.M. - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Thank you so much Suzanne, I love that I could hear your soothing voice and wise counsel in my head as I read your post last night. I will be forever grateful to have found you, PMH and Partnering. You have undoubtedly helped me to change the course of my family as well as K’s illness. I’m a tiny bit scared about what you have up you sleeve for me though!

V.W. - United Kingdom

"You inspired me to be a better person, more sensitive and aware, and just to show me with determination and a belief, you can do anything.”

S.N. - Manchester, United Kingdom

I love your posts! I always do! You are changing my life! And I love it. Thank you

J.S. - America

I have been a member of Parenting Mental Health group for a few months. I wish I found this group earlier! Suzanne Alderson used digital technologies and created a unique online place: supportive, kind, respectful, safe and very human. It is not just another chat group - is a community that brings real value to people. Suzanne is not just and admin of the group, she is a real leader, inspiring and supportive. And I am very impressed by how skilfully and professionally Susanne uses social media to support people and do something useful for thousands of members of the group. Suzanne's PHM is proof that social media can be good and healthy, not scary and damaging.

N.M. - Glasgow, United Kingdom

I dont know where I would have been without you Suzanne . You have a unique way of making each member feel they are the most important person to you . You have created a welcoming ,safe space for parents to share their most difficult times and get a loving and supportive response back . Personally you have supported me in getting the right services for my child and given me the tools I need by providing the partnering course where I have learned new skills and grown personally in confidence and self esteem . I will always be grateful for meeting you - thankyou xx

J.S. - America

Amongst other things, what amazes me is how your empathy and kindness shine through this digital medium. Your determination to keep this a safe space so that we can open up to strangers confident that we will be supported.

S.S - United Kingdom

Get support,  understanding and no judgment in our safe, supportive Facebook community