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Run for PMH at the London Landmarks Half Marathon!'re thinking of running for PMH?

Taking place on Sunday 2nd April 2023, the London Landmarks Half Marathon is a closed road, central London run. If you choose to run for us at Parenting Mental Health, you’ll join 14,500 other runners for a truly memorable day. Parenting Mental health is a registered charity that supports parents of young people with mental health issues and we need your support so we can continue to offer our support community, training courses, events, Listening Circles and peer mentoring. 

Click the video on the left to hear what the charity means to some of the parents and what they face in their daily lives. 

What are the benefits of running for PMH?

Get a Guaranteed Place, Make a Guaranteed Impact!

Running for PMH means you’ll get a guaranteed place at the London Landmarks Half Marathon, courtesy of the charity. 

We’ll offer you some special LLHM x PMH ‘stash’ created especially for this event. We’ll give you fundraising ideas and collateral to help you explain why our work is so vital and impactful, and, support your fundraising efforts however we can. And you’ll be able to join our community of runners in our special closed Facebook group where experts like Mel Bound of This Mum Runs will support and encourage your progress as you prepare for your half marathon. 

And on the day, you’ll be celebrated by some of our PMH community who will be on hand to cheerlead you to the finish line! 


What do we need from you?

1. Your Commitment - to Run and Raise Funds

If you’re considering running the London Landmarks Half Marathon for Parenting Mental Health – thank you – without kind supporters like you, we couldn’t continue our work supporting families with a child with a mental health issue. 

We are offering FREE registrations but need a commitment from you to raise a minimum of £400 in sponsorship. This will enable us to cover entry fees for the event and what you raise will directly support parents in need around the UK:  funds from this event will support our weekly in-person meet ups around the UK. These are safe spaces where parents can go and connect with others in similar situations who understand the all consuming experience of parenting a child with a mental health issue. Parents get support, advice, training and a place where they can honestly process and reflect on their experiences. 

2. Your help to raise awareness about PMH

Committing to a half marathon is a big deal, and one that deserves to be shouted about! We hope you will share your training story and preparation as well as your race experience on social media, with your family and friends and your work colleagues if you have them. We want as many people as possible to learn about the challenges of parenting a child with a mental health issue – the impact it has on families and futures – and the impact you’re having by agreeing to run for PMH. 

Getting ‘cut through’ in an always-on world is tough – and costly – and we don’t have the funds for fancy ad campaigns or even full time marketers. By committing to sharing your experiences and information about Parenting Mental Health, you’ll be helping us towards our goal of supporting 100,000 parents in 2022.

Ready to run for PMH?

If you’re ready to run to raise money for Parenting Mental Health, please complete the form below 

and we’ll come back to you with the necessary forms.