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Moderator Application

Parenting Mental Health / Moderator Application

Moderator Roles for PMH Online Communities

Parenting Mental Health is a global community support network for parents committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental space for parents of young people with mental health issues; to share their experiences good and bad, to learn, to connect, to get hope and help and to feel not quite as alone. 

Just prior to COVID, we also received charity status in the UK and are now raising funds to offer training, emotional support and events at low or no cost to parents around the world. 

We are looking to expand our online moderation and recruit some new volunteer moderators for the main community and sub communities from within our community. 

What is a moderator?  

A moderator reviews the posts and comments in the community to ensure that they: 

Meet the community rules and standards
Meet Facebook’s community standards 

A moderator also:
Responds in line with PMH ethos ( training is given and example answers are available) and offers support in the form of in-group comments to other members. Ensures that no post goes unanswered
Supports the content and initiatives of PMH 
Highlights trends in the community
Escalates potential issues in the community
Records and reports issues in the Moderation Group 

What skills are needed? 
Good listener
Able to follow guidelines
Happy to take feedback
Reliable ( as reliable as possible with a child with a mental health issue!)

What do you gain? 
Full training on the role
Support and monthly moderator circles to discuss issues and impacts
Free access to future PMH online training ( excludes retreats, one to one coaching sessions)
A welcome pack with swag!
Friendship and connection
Potential for further learning and training
A sense of satisfaction that you are supporting parents in need as well as nurturing our community 

Please note this is a voluntary role, it is unpaid.

What do we need from you: 
A commitment to 2 (or more!) hours a week active moderation – this is in addition to any time you spend on the group personally
A commitment to meeting the reporting requirements of PMH
A commitment to completing the training (online) and coming to a monthly online group session for support, PMH updates and training
Agreeing to our terms and conditions
Excitement about being part of our team!

If you would like to apply for a role, please complete the form here:

If you have any questions, please email