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Never Let Go

Parenting Mental Health / Never Let Go

Never Let Go by Suzanne Alderson

Never Let Go is the supportive, practical guide that all parents need to care for a child suffering with mental illness or poor mental health, based on a unique method, ‘partnering, not parenting’. 

Combining honest personal experience with expert input from psychologists, Suzanne’s book provides parents with the methods and knowledge they need to support, shield and strengthen their child as they progress towards recovery from mental illness, as well as helping parents who have concerns about their child’s mental health. 

Chapters Include:

The crucial new method, Partnering not Parenting

The importance of self-care for parents

Navigating relationships with partners, friends, and family

Handling communication with professionals

Practical advice on solutions to everyday problems such as sleep, exercise, food and home environment

Suzanne Alderson’s method of ‘partnering, not parenting’ has helped thousands of other parents to effect change in their families through her charity, Parenting Mental Health and she now shares it with readers in Never Let Go.

About the Author:

Suzanne Alderson founded the community and  charity Parenting Mental Health following her daughter became depressed, anxious and suicidal following a period of severe bullying. Suzanne decided that there wasn’t enough support, understanding or compassion for parents and that actually, they were an integral part of a child’s recovery from poor mental health. 

In 2018, Suzanne was recognised by Facebook for her fight to end generational mental illness. Suzanne is a trained mental health first aider, an ambassador of the mental health charity Kaleidoscope Plus Group and a regular speaker on mental health. 

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Never Let Go - How to Parent your child through mental illness book by Suzanne Alderson
Parenting Mental Health Founder Suzanne Alderson