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Daily Gratitude with Suzanne

Good morning, beautiful friend! How are you today? Good night’s sleep? Ready to face the day? I hope so.
Some of you may remember last year when I talked about a film I’d seen ( well, slept through most of it!) and the great quote I’d got from it.
The film was The Way, with Martin Sheen and James Nesbitt. It’s a story of a man whose adult son dies walking the Camino de Santiago, and he then decides to walk it to honour his son’s life.
Along the way he meets other people who are all looking for deeper meaning in their lives. Emilio Estevez, who directed it called the film “pro-people, pro-life, not anti-anything”. It’s a quiet feel good film. It’s not Hollywood feel good. More the relief when you get when you finally stop crying after hours of sobbing! You know that kind of quiet, empty but resolved feeling.
Everyone in the film has a reason for walking the Pilgrim’s Way, and they each bring something new and interesting, a fresh perspective, some deeper insights that the others haven’t been privy to in their lives.
The film reminded me of us all. Travellers on a quest.
Here to be a companion to others, while we head towards our shared destination. We didn’t know each other. We possibly wouldn’t be friends IRL. But we’re connected by a thread of shared experience that is so strong.
When I heard this quote in the film, I knew I wanted to share with you.
I don’t remember who says it, but the quote is:
There’s a whole world out there to beat you up. You don’t need to do it to yourself.
Simple. Yes.
Obvious. Yes.
Do we still need to be reminded? Oh YES!
I thought that was a beautifully simple and powerful reminder to be kinder to ourselves, particularly in light of what we’re facing; to accept ourselves for all we are and aren’t, and stop beating ourselves up.
And so today, as we meet here to continue our practcie of gratitude, I’d love you to share what you’re grateful for, because that makes us all feel good, I’d like you to share your SPs because that gives us all all the feels, and I’d like you to stop beating yourself up. For all the things you think you should be, do, have, or not be, do, or have. Just put down the stick, and give yourself a little hug.
I know some of you will find this hard and I know you won’t want to do it because it’s become a way of life, a way of being. If it is tough, ask yourself why you feel that way.
Can you stop giving yourself a hard time just for today?
Can you say that you are enough as you are?
Can you be kind to yourself in word and deed today?
I hope so and I’d love to hear how that looks and feels to you today. And to read your grats too. I’ll be back later today and I look forward to hearing how your day of kindness has been.
Give yourself a break today! Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing great. You really are xxx

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